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Re: So young, so... ignorant

>I don't know what you do all day besides posting messages to Sloan Net, but
>if you love music--which I assume you do--you really owe it to yourself to
>listen to something other than current indie rock. Calling a soundtrack
>"horrible" that includes Brenda Lee, The Ink Spots, Shane MacGowan, Evan
>Lurie and The Mills Brothers, plus the classic "I've Been Hurt," makes me
>wonder about your musical education.

Isn't it a bit absurd to assume that everyone who has heard these bands
likes them? Just because you like them doesn't mean those who don't are
"uneducated". I don't what _you_ do all day, but it can't be much if you
have no better use for your time than insulting all us ignoramuses with
your oh so worldly ways.

feeling confrontational,