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Eric's Hip

Hey, everyone,

I know this was talked about a while ago, and I hate to have to bring it up
again, but what can ya do?

There's a Tragically Hip song with some sort of lyric about Eric's Trip in
it, something like "Love Tara was playing when you were born" or something
like that.  What's the name of that song, and the proper lyric? (And for
God's sake, if it's autobiographical, when did ol' Gord have a kid?!?)
It's a song on Trouble In The Henhouse, I know that for sure.

Thanks alot,

P.S. Concerning all this talk about the Trees Lounge soundtrack, I bought
the soundtrack and only like the Hayden song on it, and that is due to my
personal music preferences shining through.  If you buy the soundtrack and
like the whole thing, then congrats to you for sticking up for the music
you like.  If you buy the soundtrack and like only one song, then good for
you for not liking something only for it's close association to Hayden, and
for sticking up for the music YOU like.  It's all about being individual,
gosh darn it.