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Re: Sappy

> Wow, that record could turn out to be amazing. I guess it all depends 
> on the approach they take. If it's the 4-track stylings of "Crappin' 
> you negative" or "One Sock Missing" that is going to be a truly 
> fantastic album. If it's like the latest Grifters album though it 
> will be a real dissapointment. I hope they do a good job of keeping 
> to Julie's style. I thought the last Broken Girl album was chock-full 
> of atmoshphere, it all had this spooky vinyl feel to it. 

very true...though I have a feeling that it will be more like One Sock
Missing or Crappin' You Negative, which they produced themselves. The
newest one was done at Easley studios (pavement, etc.) and did have a bit
too much sheen. But if Julie gets produced like one the first two
Grifters albums, it's really going to fit beautifully. It's still sort of
a bizarre combination...I wonder how they hooked up....