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birdland show/violence in hfx

Undeterred by weekly reports of violence (the latest being a thurs-night 
knife fight outside the doors...does anyone know more? I think the 
problem has more to do with the cabaret license &3:30am close than any 
undesirable indie-rock element:) sloan-size capacity crowd filled the 
birdland for a very long (hr & a 1/2?) show by big sugar (nonEC sorry, 
but surprisingly good, I guess I could talk about the al tuck halloween 
show at NSCAD b/c it was funny too with al's unabomber costume & the 
dancing man wearing a flower outfit keeping time to "misery" but that was 
a while ago..). The heat was stifling, the guitar acrobatics were 
cool/hilarious (picking with teeth & singing intothe hollow body), there was a
lot of erotic energy in the room, causing eventhe normally subdued former bass
player of coyote to flail around seductively(ok this was right after the band
had finished). There was only 1 fight! (b/w 2 people who at 1st appeared to be
tangoing) but *lots* of broken glass. why not grant birdland a 2am lounge 
license (shows wouldn't finish as late, less violence?) 

PS how was the orange glass show? (do orange glass & moonsocket now have 
exactly the same personnel?)

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