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So young, so... ignorant

Hello folks in Sloan land, particularly Shawn double asterisk Morris

I am back to fulfil my usual role here, which seems to consist of insulting
you folks and slapping your silly young wrists. I try to control myself,
but you don't make it easy.

I don't know what you do all day besides posting messages to Sloan Net, but
if you love music--which I assume you do--you really owe it to yourself to
listen to something other than current indie rock. Calling a soundtrack
"horrible" that includes Brenda Lee, The Ink Spots, Shane MacGowan, Evan
Lurie and The Mills Brothers, plus the classic "I've Been Hurt," makes me
wonder about your musical education. And calling all this music "jazz and
swing" just makes me wonder more. Do you think pop was invented in Halifax,
or Liverpool for that matter? Do yourself a favour and open your ears and
your mind!

With love and best wishes for the holiday season...