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good news, and not so good news.

    First, the not so good news:  the latest Island band compilation 
will be out at the end of this week after a release party at the Barn 
(oh, alas alack, the declining state of the only ok venue around).
    That's right -- "Eat This, Too" is about to be shoved onto the 
unsuspecting public. "Eat This", or "Smell This" as it is called by 
Mike Campbell (I could have died laughing), for those of you who 
aren't in the know, was a comp released late last year of bands from 
PEI.  In a word, it sucks. And whaddaya know, the follow up will 
probably be a sequel in every aspect.  It's produced by a fellow 
named Chris Corrigan, who is the epitomy of a record weasle -- he's 
even worse than Waye! (haha... just kidding, W.)
      The only good thing about this comp is that SuperCar are 
apparently on it again (what are they thinking?).  Although I must 
say that as of late, my favourite little punksters aren't striking a 
good chord with me (literally...ie they are getting musically 
    That's everything that's going on on this side of the link.

The good news: come April 1, FACTOR is going to have an influx of 
$750,000 because of a new (circa May '95, but it was just okayed in 
August) endeavour by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.  
Looking for a grant for demos, touring, videos, CD production, etc?  
why not try for one around that time?  Just thought all you industry 
types would like that info if you didn't all ready have it.
I'm not sure what that money will be put towards, you might want to 
call FACTOR and see if they've made up their minds yet....  
MusicAction also has money going their way, though not as much. My 
guess is around the same time, but I'm not sure.

That's all I have to say.
Sorry it's so lengthy.