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Re: Sappy

, the Wooden Stars full length cd (is 
>that true?), the Snailhouse full lenght

Yes indeed it's true.  Apperently Lunamoth doesn't want to put it out, I
forget the reason so Mike called Julie up and they decided to put it out on
Sappy.  As soon as Mike gets the master back from Lunamoth they're going to
make up the CD's and they should be out in January.  I think the snailhouse
sappy should be out sometime around then too, I'm not sure on that one
though.  ALso Julie is leaving today I think for memphis where she's
recording a full length with one of the guys from the Grifters.

In Sackville news, how about the Sackville scene report in this months
earshot, throw in with exclaim? That was exciting.  I got a laugh out of it.

talk to y'all later