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Re: hayden song

> I wouldn't recommend running out and getting this album because of the
> Hayden song, unless you like jazz and swing music. While the Hayden track is
> a great song, the rest of the album is horrible, I have a promo copy of it,
> trust its not worth the price for one song. Bye!

really?  when i bought it i was worried.  but i actually like the feel the
disc has.  it's a lot like my dad's music (which i hate when he plays it),
and i don't mind it.  actually, i would say i like it.  i guess this post
is to serve as a disclaimer to the prior post.  well, actually it doesn't.
i wish it did.

sorry for waisting everyones time.

chili in a breadbowl%
rich c.		rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca