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jale criticism

>and if the new Jale record is "So Wound"  than definitely go out and buy.
> I purchased the CD on what I heard here on Sloannet.  At first(from you
>guy's description of their coffee house tour) I thought they were some
>lame assed hippy wanna be crap band.  But I had 9.99$ to spend on a CD so
>I bought "So Wound".  WIth just one listen to the first song I have
>fallen in love.  It is one of the best CD's in my collection of almost
>200 CD's.  I still need to go out and get "Dream Cake".  And if that is
>anything like "So Wound" than I am in for another great album.

How could you fall in love with the band after the first song?  I
personnally thought it was the worst song on the CD.  Because of it it took
me awhile before I warmed up to the CD.  The best parts of the CD I think
are at the end.  Personally I think that there is just some thing missing
from the album to make it great its the same with the New Grand CD.  It just
seems like a piece of the puzzle is missing to make it as great as any other
of my favorite CD's.  It is a solid CD but I guess I feel it wasn't as big
of step in any direction from their last CD Closed.  If it had that piece It
would probably be up there with my other favorite CDs.
        I still like them though and I enjoyed them on Rita and Friends.
Write to me or the whole list if you think it is relevent enough on what I
wrote.  Am I the Only one who feels this way.
        When exactly will the ET rarity be out?

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