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Three things...

1) I've heard that Chris Thompson might be joining orange glass, filling in the
depatred Tara's spot.  True?  Maybe...

2) I just saw this video on mucheast by "no damn fears," featuring Jennifer
Pierce, Matt Murphy and Dave Marsh!  Yeah!  It was like an east coast all-stars
band only it wasn't 'cause they weren't rock stars yet.  It was totally funny
and old (you could tell because jennifer had long hair and and the whole video
had these super 80's slow motion shots 'n stuff.  I'm not dissin' 'em or
nothin', just thought i'd mention it.  Jennifer and Matt harmonize beautifully.

3)Is it true that the sappy broken girl cd is sold out already?  I know that i
shouldn't hesitate when buying vinyl, but... oh well.  Serves me right.