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Thrush Hermit 'Glumboy' 7"

Howdy all.

	I've taken this up with two of you, and no answers as of yet.. so 
now I appeal to the masses.  I picked up Thrush Hermit's 'Glumboy' 7" (on
genius records) a few days ago... only it's horribly defective.  The first
record is fine, with the smartbomb versions of 'french inhale' b/w 'hated
it' at 45 rpm.  But instead of 'glumboy' on the second record, it's
'french inhale' and 'hated it' at 33 rpm on the same side.  
	I guess I'm just curious if there were a bunch of these records
made, or how many of the total run were like this and how many actually
have glumboy on them.  The label looks right; it's just the songs are
	Any clues?