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in the latest issue of the gazette here at uwo, they had a "best picks of
'96" type of thing in which 20 different ppl listed their top 5 albums of
the year.. and it turned out that sloan's otca was on 5 of the 20 lists
(tied for #1 mentioned album along w/ stereolab's emperor tomato ketchup),
includinthe lists of dave ullrich (the inbreds), chris hooper (ginger),
and brenda mcmorrow (julia propeller). jay f.'s top 5 pick was: 
1. stereolab - emperor tomato ketchup (voting for the enemy! ;))
2. olivia tremor control - dusk at cubist castle
3. dj shadow - endtroducing...
4. richard davies - there's never been a crowd like this
5. double day - go ask the double days


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