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re: Birdland move update

"D. Aaron Petrie" <petrie\!/mail.isisnet.com> writes:

>      There must be somebody on this list who's McEmployed by the HFX 
> bar scene. In who's favour do these hearings tend to result ? Does 
> the fact that Barrington gate residents tend to be well off stand to 
> affect this?

If it's anything like BC, the bars almost always lose. I don't know
much about Halifax, but it's anything like Vancouver or Victoria, then I
don't think that anyone who *chooses* to live downtown really has a basis
to complain about stuff like this. That's like moving next to an airport
and then complaining about the noise.

>   City Planners are complaining that the downtown core is dead in terms of 
> residents, (read, yuppies in $150 000 condos) as opposed to

Is $150,000 expensive for housing in Hfx or something? You can't get
crap for that out here on the left coast.

-Brooks, who really hates moving!

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