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Re: hayden song/jale/chixdiggit

I always have to reply to anything that involves the great Chixdiggit. 
They don't get enough posting here on Sloannet( NO COAST).  Yes no one
should miss Chixdiggit at all.  They are just the nicest bunch of
laddies.  They just know how to rock out and get the crowd hoppin'.  Oh
and if the new Jale record is "So Wound"  than definitely go out and buy.
 I purchased the CD on what I heard here on Sloannet.  At first(from you
guy's description of their coffee house tour) I thought they were some
lame assed hippy wanna be crap band.  But I had 9.99$ to spend on a CD so
I bought "So Wound".  WIth just one listen to the first song I have
fallen in love.  It is one of the best CD's in my collection of almost
200 CD's.  I still need to go out and get "Dream Cake".  And if that is
anything like "So Wound" than I am in for another great album.

Straight outta the bowel's of TexAss.  SonofScetchie lives in his
delicate universe.
Only to be bothered by Hockey, guitar's, the few women that he knows, and
his odd
obsession with pudding.

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996 02:40:31 -0500 SadMcBain\!/aol.com writes:
>you find that hayden song on the "Trees Lounge" soundtrack.....that;s 
>a great
>movie written, directed, and starring the talented Steve Buscemi.
>Can anyone tell me if thie new Jale record is any good and what it 
>like....same with Limblifter....
>I don't understand why nobody is talking about Chixdiggit...I have to 
>they are one of the coolest and funnest bands ever to hit a 
>stage....if you
>have a chance to see on of their shows, you shouldn't pass it up....