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re: Birdland move update

>Birdland Move In Jeopardy - Heavy Protest May Keep Showbar Off Barrington
>Street - by Andy "King's J-School grad" Pedersen

retort by Douglas Aaron "King's hopeful If he could only finish the 
twelfth grade" Petrie

"There are 87 private homes right across the street," said Ken McInnis, a
lawyer for George Ramia, the owner of Barring Gate.
"These are homes - places where we retreat at the end of the day for peace
and quiet."
............... And you were well aware of the fact that the studio 
was operating accross the street when you moved in.( That bar only 
shut down a few months ago.)  Are guys with funny little moustaches 
and short shorts a whole lot more well behaved than Indie rawkers 
after they've put a few back??.....  :)

>It was clear the dissenters haven't forgotten the drunken menace which
>spilled out of Barrington Street's last cabaret - The Roxbury - every
>night at closing time.

    Didn't it spill out of the studio as well????

>The liquor board will not announce its decision until sometime this week.
     There must be somebody on this list who's McEmployed by the HFX 
bar scene. In who's favour do these hearings tend to result ? Does 
the fact that Barrington gate residents tend to be well off stand to 
affect this?

 Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> aren't a lot of people complaining that the city's
>downtown core is dead? wouldn't the birdland move help to bring more
folks/money into that area?
  City Planners are complaining that the downtown core is dead in terms of 
residents, (read, yuppies in $150 000 condos) as opposed to
 nightlife.Between the university crowd and navy trash, there is no shortage
 of drunks like the ones who will be clearing out of the new "birdland south".

>one more thing - who was the genius behind moving a 24 hour call centre

   I don't know if he/she is a genius, but he/she is definetly smart 
enough to know that the CIBC can out-muscle an independent music 
venue (which also happens to have cheap draught... Wooo hoo did I 
ever save money watching Orange moon glass sockets and the