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>> >        4) How in god's name could Chixxdiggit release a full-length
>> >without putting "Shoulda Played Football in Highschool" on it ?
>> **Had to reply on this one most definettly.  I'll ask them the next time
>> they jet through Austin Texas here.  But ya how could they not put that
>> song on thier SupPop record.  I have seen them play it live twice. It is

        Maybe it's because everyone's tired of hearing it for the past three
or four years.  

>Yeah, KJ is cool.  I was talking to him in the middle of a set about
>their two-tone green van.  My friends were laughing their asses off
>playing pool at the back of the X-Club.

        Okay, at the risk of sounding *mean*, i'd just like to point out
that chixdiggit are so not from the east coast, so they really don't belong
on this list.  You can't even argue that "oh, they're inspired by the east
coast scene thing, because they're not. And enough name dropping already,
believe me, KJ Jansen is really not that exciting.  yeesh.