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Re: Miscellany.

Drink Pepsi wrote:
> >        3) What's up with the Thrush Hermit upcoming fulllength ?
> **I have herad that it will be out in January on a big label(is it
> EMI?)**

Nope, it's Elektra

> >        4) How in god's name could Chixxdiggit release a full-length
> >without putting "Shoulda Played Football in Highschool" on it ?
> **Had to reply on this one most definettly.  I'll ask them the next time
> they jet through Austin Texas here.  But ya how could they not put that
> song on thier SupPop record.  I have seen them play it live twice. It is
> one of their best.  And I am always hopping up and down like a fool.  KJ
> pointed at me once, I felt like God had touched my life. KJ is the
> coolest(never talked to him).  But Mark and Mike both took ten min's of
> their time to chat with me.  I love Chixdiggit.Their are only about four
> other bands that can get me hopping for two straight hours.  And
> Chixdiggit are the only ones that I have seen live.**

Yeah, KJ is cool.  I was talking to him in the middle of a set about
their two-tone green van.  My friends were laughing their asses off
playing pool at the back of the X-Club.

> >        8) What's up with The Hardship Post ?
> ** I have no idea what'd down with Harship Post, sorry :-( **

This is what I've heard on The Hardship Post:
1. THey got rid of their drummer Matt CLarke a while ago
2. Alyson Macleod joined them after leaving Jale
3. They recorded a 7" as The New Hardship Post
4. then they called it quits for good.

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