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Zine Scene Sheen Shabang

        Sloan netters don't read this if your not interested in zines.  I
included this on the list as I know many of you enjoy zines, or write them
and many of the e-mail adresses are ones with east coast related info.
        If you look up above at the people that this letter is sent to you
will see many zinsters addresses.  Please feel free to write to them.  If
you notice a mistake in any of the addresses or know any more people that
write zines please send me there e-mail addresses.
        If your a zinseter please respond right away as I will be publishing
them in about a week in my zine State of Mind.  I need to know by then if
you want your e-mail address published.  Also if you notice that there is
more than one e-mail address beside your name please tell me which one you
want used ok sizzle teen! ;)
        My zine, #5, should be out in a week after legnthy procastination.
It should feature my Sloan Speech, Short stories, poetry, my true me will be
shown (finnally), civil action speech, the usual funny list on the bottom
(any sugestions for that are very welcome) among other things like album,
zine reviews plus more.  If you want it send me a $1, trade or mixtape. Also
contrabutions greatly accepted and printed or banked ;)
        Please respond as soon as possible or you won't be on the list.
Thanks for puting up with me.
                        Free Burma
                                Jamie McDonald
          ____                              ____
         /   /                   ____      /   /
        /   /______  ___________/___/_____/   /
   ___ /   /     ///    /      /   /  /  /   /
  /   /   /  /  ///           /   /  ___/___/
 STATE OF MIND:  A zine that does not walk
 with  the  zombie  of  mass  conformity !
 c/o Jamie McDonald, R.R.#4 Glencoe, Ont.
          $1, Trade, Mix Tape