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Re: Miscellany.

Straight outta the bowel's of TexAss.  SonofScetchie lives in his
delicate universe.
Only to be bothered by Hockey, guitar's, the few women that he knows, and
his odd
obsession with pudding.

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996 03:30:43 -0400 (AST) James Rocchi <jrocchi\!/cruzio.com>
>         A few questions off of the top of my pointy little head, as
>inspired by recent posts:
>        1) Is there a murderecords site yet ? Is there a URL ?
**I think that the URL is www.murderecords.com(I think thats it)**

>        2) What the hell's the name of the label with the Yankee Sloan 
>again ?

**It is Enclave which is an off shoot of EMI**

>        3) What's up with the Thrush Hermit upcoming fulllength ?

**I have herad that it will be out in January on a big label(is it

>        4) How in god's name could Chixxdiggit release a full-length
>without putting "Shoulda Played Football in Highschool" on it ?

**Had to reply on this one most definettly.  I'll ask them the next time
they jet through Austin Texas here.  But ya how could they not put that
song on thier SupPop record.  I have seen them play it live twice. It is
one of their best.  And I am always hopping up and down like a fool.  KJ
pointed at me once, I felt like God had touched my life. KJ is the
coolest(never talked to him).  But Mark and Mike both took ten min's of
their time to chat with me.  I love Chixdiggit.Their are only about four
other bands that can get me hopping for two straight hours.  And
Chixdiggit are the only ones that I have seen live.**

>        5) Could Shawn from SloanWeb contact me privately, please ?
** I'll leave that up to him**

>        6) Any word on a formal American tour ?

** I heard a rumor WAY back(here on Sloannet) that Sloan may show for
SOuth By South West here in Texas.  BUt I don't think that they will :-( 
BUt whos to say April is still a long WAY off in my reality**

>        7) I know this stopped a while ago, but the lyric can't be "If 
>drink Conc. OJ AND I think Consolidated's ok ?" The whole point is
>comparing the enjoyment of something mass-produced and dilute with the
>enjoyment of something independent and absolute, and exploring the 
>between those two seemingly contradictory ideals. That said, I still 
>no clue what Junior Panthers is about, with my best guess being that 
>there's a Halifax High School whose Sports teams were named the 
>and it's a Highschool-emotional remembrance thing like "Great Pacific
>Ocean" (TH) or "Maybelline" (Crash 13). Can anyone set me straight ?

** The song "Junior Panthers"(in my interpitation) is about my old High
School Boulder High, in Boulder, Colo.  We are the Panthers, and our
colours are yellow and purpule.  SO that's what that song is about.**

>        8) What's up with The Hardship Post ?

** I have no idea what'd down with Harship Post, sorry :-( **

>        Many of these questions are inspired by the fact that I am so 
>out of the loop, and so recently reunited with it, that I feel like  
>Cortez looking at the freaking ocean from the mountain top, in a Brave 
>World that has Such Creatures in it.
>        I apologize in advance,
>James Rocchi,
>Big Fan of Today's Young People.

** "all of you young kidz grab a skateboard.  And skate away, Fuck the
Police, it's not a crime, you won't do any time, just don't get caught
with some tequila and a little lime..."  Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub**