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         A few questions off of the top of my pointy little head, as
inspired by recent posts:

        1) Is there a murderecords site yet ? Is there a URL ?

        2) What the hell's the name of the label with the Yankee Sloan deal
again ?

        3) What's up with the Thrush Hermit upcoming fulllength ?

        4) How in god's name could Chixxdiggit release a full-length
without putting "Shoulda Played Football in Highschool" on it ?

        5) Could Shawn from SloanWeb contact me privately, please ?

        6) Any word on a formal American tour ?

        7) I know this stopped a while ago, but the lyric can't be "If I
drink Conc. OJ AND I think Consolidated's ok ?" The whole point is
comparing the enjoyment of something mass-produced and dilute with the
enjoyment of something independent and absolute, and exploring the tension
between those two seemingly contradictory ideals. That said, I still have
no clue what Junior Panthers is about, with my best guess being that Mayhap
there's a Halifax High School whose Sports teams were named the Panthers,
and it's a Highschool-emotional remembrance thing like "Great Pacific
Ocean" (TH) or "Maybelline" (Crash 13). Can anyone set me straight ?

        8) What's up with The Hardship Post ?

        Many of these questions are inspired by the fact that I am so far
out of the loop, and so recently reunited with it, that I feel like  stout
Cortez looking at the freaking ocean from the mountain top, in a Brave New
World that has Such Creatures in it.

        I apologize in advance,

James Rocchi,

Big Fan of Today's Young People.