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Re: murder's speed.


    The evidence is in, for all you naysayers out there: The 
Sloanes do have phenomenal cosmic power.  Just look at what happened 
to poor friend dic when he was trying to tell a tale of mail service. 
Sloan got nervous that it was gonna be a bad review... They zapped 
him.  Note how positive dic's review was.  It's witchcraft.  Random 
nosebleeds may seem pretty funny for now, but the next thing we know, 
there's gonna be a little spontaneous combustion going around... 
Nope... I don't like the looks of this at all.  We'd better watch it, 
gang.  The whole gold record thing comes with a license to torture.  
And a book of magic.  Black magic.  
    Marc Brown, man, if you're out there, I was just kidding about 
making you work through Christmas... heh heh... yeah...heh heh... 
... yeah... heh heh.  Just keep your little Croanies -- er, I mean, 
Sloanies and their bad book of tricks on our good side.  

dic <rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> said,
> hi,  to follow up on our earlier debate about the speed of murder, 
i have
> made two seperate orders recently.  the first order took 18 days or so to
> come.  the second one took.....shit, i just got a nosebleed, right out of
> nowhere!!.....well, yeah, my second one took under three weeks, more like
> two.  yeah two.  the only people who are faster are sub pop and
> endearing......that's all.  i have to tend to my nose.  one handed typing
> sucks.