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champs exclaim

My dear friends,

I can't leave this alone...
    All due respect, Melissa, but who the hooey is this "One Fan"? 
That's a little cheezy if you ask me.
    And now the segue that should have come first:
    If anybody has the chance to pick up the latest Exclaim (you 
know, like "!*\!/#") magazine thing, make sure to take a peek at the 
"prodigal sons" of the Halifax scene in print.  

Back to your regularly scheduled shlock,
karen the ridiculous

PS: have I got the wrong address for the murderecords web page 
(that's http://www.murderecords.com?  something's rotten in the state 
of Netscape.

Post PS: Hey Marc Brown... yeah you... I second the motion that 
you ought to stay at murder until you fill the mail orders.  No 
Christmas for you, buddy boy.  Spit.  Now, I think that I'm a-gonna 
git me some $ orders and send 'em yo' way.  Dig?

    PS to the Post PS: just kidding.  Ha.  Ha ha.