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MCA Records, Promotional Department.

	While most major labels are not known for their ability to
exercise tact or patience, we feel that DGC has set a proud precedent by
spending over two and a half years mourning. However, we feel that the
corpse is no longer warm, and before rigor mortis sets in, we would like
to unveil what could well be the most glorious chapter in our label's
history, the Nirvanas Anthology. MCA spokesperson Cathy Clark puts it
best. "Many fans still feel great sorrow over Cobain's suicide. This is
understandable. However, rather than expressing that sorrow in a private
and personal manner, we urge fans of the Nirvanas to transform their
feelings of depression into a purchase. There's no better way to be
reunited -- albeit temporarily -- with the deceased. Don't think of this
as a money grab, think of it as therapy. As well, this album is endorsed
by the remaining Nirvanas, which should keep the cynics at bay." 
	Much of the excitement surrounding the Nirvanas Anthology has to
do with the brand new song entitled "In Stereo" and the circumstances
surrounding its recording. This song began in the form of a four-track
demo recorded by Kurt in the early 1990's, and was given to the two and a
half surviving Nirvanas by widow Courtney Love. Enlisting the help of
famed Nevermind producer Butch Vig, they transformed the demo into a high
quality Nirvanas recording. 
	Dave Grohl, the Nirvanas drummer said, "It was a nice change. In
the olden days, Cobain always had complete creative control. This time we
all given a chance to throw in our two cents worth. I think that if Kurt
was still alive, he'd really like "In Stereo."
Here is just a teaser of the 45 tracks that compose Anthology One:

Let's Get Ugly - A Vaselines cover taken from a 1988 Sub-Pop compilation.
This was recorded when the band was still known as the Silver Nirvanas. 

Flannel Fields Forever - Takes 9, 12, and 34 - These tracks are different
takes of Flannel Fields Forever. The album version was a patchwork quilt
of takes 2, 25, and 78 which were digitally grafted together to create the
finished song. Here, for the first time, can be heard some of the other
takes that Cobain originally conceived and how this song could have

I Like Myself and Wouldn't Mind Living - An early demo of the song that
would become "I Hate Myself and Want to Die." Listen carefully and you can
hear Dave shout "Cranberry sauce" at the end of the song, for reasons that
have yet to be explained properly . 

Talk to Me - Originally, this song was written by Kurt Cobain for Iggy
Pop. However, Mr. Pop is on record as saying, "I've been writing the same
song for twenty years, and my musical consistency is all I have, so I had
to decline recording this song." So here is Cobain's version, as recorded
on 4-track. 

Scoff - An alternative take of this song from the Bleach album, featuring
the drumming of former Nirvanas member Chad Channing. Controversy over the
reasons for Channing's firing on August 16th, 1990, shortly before the
recording of their breakthrough album Nevermind, continues amongst music
academics to the present day. Channing argues that he was a better
drummer, but that Grohl was hired because his look and sound more closely
fit the Nirvanas mould. 

Heart-Shaped Box - This features the original Steve Albini production and
highlights the Nirvanas innovative use of loud guitars and even louder

I Can Scream Louder Than Love (The Ballad of Kurt and Courtney) - A song
co-written by Love and Cobain about the trials and tribulations of two
successful rock n' roll musicians trying to raise a child and live out a
normal life, even though their every move is being observed under the
media's microscope. It also addresses their numerous and well publicised
shouting matches and neighbour-awakening arguments. Their touching
harmonies and harsh screaming all combine for an aural treat. If one
listens carefully, the plaintive cries of the youngest and most promising
member of the Nirvanas, Francis Bean, can be heard just before the second
bridge. Incidentally, after hearing little Francis Bean scream in key,
Dreamworks records signed her to a five album deal rumoured to be worth
over eight million dollars. 

Plus many, many, many more!

	Work is underway on Anthology Two, due out by April 8th, 1997. For
further information about this, or any other MCA releases, please phone or
fax us. Your free review copy is on its way. 

By Ryan Bigge aka Agent 006

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