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Touring in NF., the NF. scene, Potatobug CD release

It really does suck living in St. John's if indie rock is your main thing. 
We do get some big acts coming here (Meat Loaf, Def Leppard, etc., that
sort of thing), and some of the bigger Canadian bands, but the smaller
bands can't seem to afford to come here, and I don't know if there really
would be enough of a crowd drawn to make it worth their while.  I work at
a record store and there aren't exactly hordes of people coming in
wondering if we have any Orange Glass or whatever.  The majority of the
rock DJs at the college station here play the most tired, boring,
hardcore/industrial crap, so it's not like there's a lot of exposure to 
more underground bands.  And with the exception of a few bright spots, 
the local scene has little to offer the discerning rock fan.

One bright spot is POTATOBUG.  You may have seen them at the ECMAs a while
back, or heard one of their songs on a compilation, but now their debut
full-length CD has been released.  Having listened to it several times
today, I can only say WOW.  This is a great release.  This is the first
local release in a long, LONG time to make me feel really proud of the St.
John's scene.  The sound quality and performances are superb, thanks to
the expert hands of Don Ellis (Hardship Post, Bung, Lizband) and
Potatobug's fab self.  It's really tight and polished - 13 tracks (plus a
hidden track containing an early local favourite), including "Bicycle
Boy," "Taste It," "The Room," and - my particular favourite - "Misled."
Pop music with thrashy moments and the best basslines this city has ever
seen.  If you've never heard them, think of Versus at their least jangly,
or maybe the Dambuilders minus the violin, and you'll get some idea, but
Potatobug definitely has its own sound.  Along with Johari Window, The JKW
(Blues) Band, and Giver, they're the best St. John's has to offer, in my
humblest of humble opinions.  You folks who DJ at campus stations should
watch for this release in the new year and play the fuck out of it.  I'm
not one who is easily impressed, but I can't stop raving about this disc. 
Local folks can find it in stores NOW (at least at Urban Sound Exchange,
Fred's, and possibly Sam's in the Avalon Mall) and it's probably already
being played to death on CHMR. 

If you live out of the province and would like the disc, e-mail me and
I'll see what I can do for you. 

Bye bye,