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*in morning clouds# 3

hi everyone..
some of you are on et_etc as well, so you've seen this twice. sorry.

 i have a zine, in morning clouds, and i just finished #3 and thought
maybe some of you'd be interested.....
inside are photos of unwound, sebadoh, transam, jale being stalked all
over town, and a superfriendz interview... nice stuff. and lots of
other photos and things as well.. 
so if you want a copy, it's $2 or trade , to me, sarah evans. 320
second ave. ottawa, on. k1s 2j2. so write me.

and also the new wooden stars album which was supposed to be out today
won't be done til february. it was going to be on lunamoth.. but now
it's going to be put out on sappy and i guess not for a while... damn! 
oh well, what can you do?