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Re: the big news

andrew's b day is friday...

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org <Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org> had this to say about the big 
> news:
> }>p.s. (hey, who's going to post the big news about you-know-who? :) )
> }
> }i will! i will! eve hartling from jale had her baby yesterday 
> Gee, and I thought the big news was that it's Andrew Scott's 
> birthday.  Congrats to Eve and Chip (And Andrew too, but for 
> different reasons, no love triangle rumours here).
> }and for sizzleteen who has a
> }theory that chris murphy's glasses have never been on straight, they were
> }very crooked again.
> He probably has crooked ears.  Trust me, it's a pain in the ass 
> wearing glasses when you have crooked ears (but I won't discuss the 
> geometric relation between those two body parts which causes that 
> effect).
> }wondering when i'll ever see the new inbreds video,
> Let alone the new Sloan video...
> Andrew
> PS if MacLeans had any Gaels on staff they'd know that all those 
> wierd lyrics on Ashley's album were about his sex life.  Just play 
> the chorus (I know you all have the album, it sold 200k) and think:
> "I love sixteen-year-old boys
> I love sex that makes me pee..."
> Boy, we really need to look up Joe Clark and get his input on this.
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