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Re: Sloan's video performance

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996 merkley\!/sentex.net wrote:

> Help!  What was the name of the tune sloan played during the shoot at York
> with the lyrics "I wouldn't want to looooooose your love."?  I think it
> might be Chicago but I don't know.  Song/Band/Album would be amazing.  Also,
> a while back someone asked for the lyrics for POTS.  Besides the Website,
> does anyone have them?  thanks

you've *got* to be kidding!
did they honestly cover "i wouldn't want to lose your love" by april wine????
if you really want the song, it's on just about every one of their 
compilation albums (there are literally about 5 or 6).
i believe it actually comes from "the whole world's goin' crazy" album 
from 1975. it's not that bad an album...