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Re: Ceeking Cents

was that the beast of a show with...."i dont have the money...hey wait a
minute, sloan!!!" (chris murphy)'yeah that's right jonathan. i can show
you how start up a band for just a fraction of the cost. you see these
drums? bought em off a friend  of mine for 50 bucks. i also bought this
keybord off another friend of mine for 50 bucks." (patrick)"i found this
amp in my grandmother's basement" (jay)"i bought this guitar in a pawn
shop in calgary and i recorded our first ep with it." (andrew)"my uncle
gave me this guitar...the neck's not warped or anything"
   also included in the show was an interview with thrush hermit. an who
could forget jonathan torrens last remarks to TH "play us  out boys!" 

   "there's a party goin' on upstairs"

Tdanny Boy ddeon\!/is.dal.ca