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Re: the big news

Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org <Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org> had this to say about the big 

}>p.s. (hey, who's going to post the big news about you-know-who? :) )
}i will! i will! eve hartling from jale had her baby yesterday 

Gee, and I thought the big news was that it's Andrew Scott's 
birthday.  Congrats to Eve and Chip (And Andrew too, but for 
different reasons, no love triangle rumours here).

}and for sizzleteen who has a
}theory that chris murphy's glasses have never been on straight, they were
}very crooked again.

He probably has crooked ears.  Trust me, it's a pain in the ass 
wearing glasses when you have crooked ears (but I won't discuss the 
geometric relation between those two body parts which causes that 

}wondering when i'll ever see the new inbreds video,

Let alone the new Sloan video...


PS if MacLeans had any Gaels on staff they'd know that all those 
wierd lyrics on Ashley's album were about his sex life.  Just play 
the chorus (I know you all have the album, it sold 200k) and think:
"I love sixteen-year-old boys
I love sex that makes me pee..."

Boy, we really need to look up Joe Clark and get his input on this.