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kelp cd comp

hey kids.  i've been having serious mail troubles lately and haven't 
been getting many at all.  all that's fixed now, so i just wanted to 
let you all know that if you have mailed me about the cd comp and 
your name isn't brian weiser, then i didn't get your mail.  i.e. try 
again.  for the uninformed, i'm putting together a cd compilation for 
my label KELP records which is going to be called "i am shorter than 
you are taller than am i".  it is going to feature about 40 bands.  
all the songs on it will be 2 minutes or under in length.  so far, 
the likes of change of heart, dambuilders, pushkings, papas fritas, 
big fish eat little fish, avenger 7, hercules, and tobin sprout may be on it (as 
well as lots of other little bands).  there is space available.  if 
you're interested email me for more info.  jon  yes, there is a fee.  
it's going to be $50/band but to compensate for that fee, each band 
will receive 10 CDs to sell or pawn off at their own discretion.  
rock on children. jon