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the l.u.a. video/concert, bootleg?

hey people:
i made it home safe and sound, partly becuz of my huge speeding ticket on
the way there, thanks to the nicest cop in the world, it wasn't so bad.

i am trying to remember all the songs that sloan played on sunday.  can you
please help me out?  here's what i remember:

the lines you amend (this one they played more than once ;) )
i am the cancer  (w/ a girl from audience)
penpals (w/ a girl)
people of the sky (w/ guy playing drums from audience, really _really_ good)
sugartune (w/ a little kid that played the drums, he was pretty good)
same old flame (woohoo!)
deeper than beauty (woohoo x 2!)
snowsuit sounds
good in everyone
pretty voice
i can feel it
underwhelmed (last song, 2 guys, 1 girl sang some of it, till they screwed
it up and chris took over... ;) )
plus ac/dc jailbreak
led zepplin dazed and confused

anyone remember the moldy oldies they played?
did i forget any/add any that weren't supposed to be there?
and lastly, did anyone happen to bootleg the concert??  
everyone, PLEASE email me privately...

my friends, the lines you amend...
i am going to be singing that forever!

a huge thanks to sandra for feeling sorry for us and bringing out food, i
hope you get to read this!