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Super Friendz: beer guzzlers?

At 09:12 AM 12/3/96 -0500, sizzle teen wrote:
>'ello :)
>for the first time in about 4 months, i got to watch _MuchEast_, and 
>there was a Super Friendz interview.  El Skunko [Chucky.. er, i mean, 
>Charles :) ] said _Fin du Monde_ is slightly in reference to the beer, which 
>Gord mentioned in a previous post.  Does this mean that sfz will gain a 
>beer-guzzlin' following? ;)  After the interview, they showed "Blue 
>Tattoo" which is a pretty funny video!  Images of individual members were 
>super imposed into scenes from the movie. heeheehee :)

Speaking of beer, the liner notes to the Super Friendz song on the Hard Core
Logo tribute are entirely about beer as an analogy to drugs... Matt writes,

"Nowadays, I don't drink anymore. Beer is as commercial as punk rock. There's
no counter-culture beer these days- except maybe Red Dog or Black Label.
Occasionally I sip an imported beer and listen to Shellac, but it's not the

What does this have to do with Fin du Monde? Beats me... maybe SFZ are on
from a brewery...