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Sloannet shirts have reached completion! And might i tell you all that they
look great! :) I'm definately happy with them. All you who ordered one,
they will be shipped by tomorrow and i will e-mail you with tracking
numbers or whatever.

For those of you who are kicking yourselves that you didn't get one, well,
i went and purchased a few extra's. All interested parties please send an
information request to my personal e-mail address
(digital.images\!/sk.sympatico.ca) and it will be responded to asap.

Shirts are $23 including shipping and handling. All the shirts are 2 color
prints on black, 100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom high quality shirts. Sizes
and quantities are limited...


p.s. everyone remember to watch Jale on Rita and Friends tomorrow!

"...but you were feeding on blue-green algae, [] SLOANNET SHIRTS ARE STILL
and Manitoba watered hens!" - Superfriendz    [] AVAILABLE; I ORDERD EXTRA