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Re: La fin du monde

Gord Dimitrieff <gdimitri\!/chat.carleton.ca> had this to say about La fin du monde

}There's a particularly crazy beer from quebec called La fin du monde. 
}it's tripple fermented and made of corn or wheat or something unusual,
}with 9.3% alc/vol...  

Just to add my useless wit to this overblown thread, I prefer their 
"Maudit" beer.  Heavy on flavour (and on sediment, decant carefully) 
but lighter on alcohol (only 6%, methinks).  Vous Americains pouvent 
te manger tes coeurs, avec votre Budweiser presque l'eau. 

And I feel fine,

}magazine from New Brunswick called Vallium.  It was billingual and even
}had a lot of franglais type stuff.. it was absolutely hillarious (stuff
}like: D'abord on est alle a Mr.Sub pour determiner si leur veggie and cheese
}was any good)...

I recommend Miles Kington (Punch, The Independent), for example, the 
Penguin Book "The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman".  "Vous n'avez pas 
le temps pour un quick one, je suppose?"