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Anyone see MuchEast on Sunday night?
    Makes me wonder:  why haven't sloan played here yet, when 
                      they could have a band like Random Dolmens 
                      open for them?
Anyways, on to a band with a bit more talent:  Strawberry.
    Everyone's favourite shoe gazers played their alleged last show in 
    PEI for a while on Saturday.  In January they'll be heading off 
    the the bright lights and big city of Montreal to record their new 
    album which is tentatively titled "Transmission Recieved."   
The show was a big multi media deal at the local arts theatre, City
Cinema.  It was really cool.  They had projections going on the movie 
screen, some TVs on mute, some art set up and a stage ready for a one 
man play type monologue.  IT was pretty swank.  They played for two 
hours, though I only stayed for the first....an excellent show. 
Strawberry are really coming together.  Scott and Pat are both 
singing a lot more now (a definite improvement -- now there is 
variety in the songs), and they are using a lot more effects in their 
instrumentation which gives them a more diverse sound and contributes 
a lot to the dreamy effect Deirdre's voice inflects...they have a 
sometimes keyboard player now (Dan Basiletti) -- I'm not sure if he's 
permanent, but it fits their sound.  He's also quite the actor...a 
talented, well rounded guy.  Their new drummer (Billy Collier) is 
great, too.  It's like moody brit-pop.  good stuff...you'd have to 
hear it to know what i'm talking about though...
    I really think their album will be good.  Their latest 7" is ok, 
    but I don't find it really reflects the band all that well.  then 
    again, they seem to have gone through a lot of changes even since 
    that release.  
yep, they're good, but they're no Ewoks.