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Re: ceilidh: Lengthy Rants or Fear and Loathing in Sydney

"Rita MacNeil & the Tragically Hip."

Hmmm...that would be an interesting double bill.

"this must be proof that scientifically when someone deviates from the norm 
in their private life that their entire catalogs of recording will start to 
deteriorate in sound quality...now that would explain why my Thriller album 
keeps skipping."

I know very little about Ashley MacIsaac, except what I've read here and the 
one song that's being played on 89X (of which I like the fiddling, but that 
chick's yodeling voice is very distracting).  One gay man from Canada is a 
big difference from the delusional, desperate actions of a man still trying 
to recreate a time where he was adored by millions, and when Thriller sold 
44 million (or something like that), and yet still LAUGHABLY, PATHETICALLY 
trying to fool the public into believing he's normal (yet God-like at the 
same time).  I give Ashley, or anyone, credit for being honest about who 
they are.

"To say that some people may be over acting is one thing... but in this 
case, i would say that a true fan of music does not judge on such silly 

Ashley's gay?  So what?  But Michael Jackson has sleepovers with young boys, 
and that's OK?  "Something stinks in suburbia..."

"the Ameri-centric values (ie money, ratings, and 'family' values) of trash 
tabloid culture"

Sad, isn't it?  I don't even know what the hell "family values" are.  Are we 
talking cooking together and needlepointing or what?  Quayle was certainly 
talking out of his ass on that one (again).  But money and ratings, esp 
money, is many an artist's nemesis, and not just in the US.

Good luck with the media, Iain!  And I hope everyone doesn't get their panties 
in a wad about this thread.  It's very interesting and valid, IMO.