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'ello :)

for the first time in about 4 months, i got to watch _MuchEast_, and 
there was a Super Friendz interview.  El Skunko [Chucky.. er, i mean, 
Charles :) ] said _Fin du Monde_ is slightly in reference to the beer, which 
Gord mentioned in a previous post.  Does this mean that sfz will gain a 
beer-guzzlin' following? ;)  After the interview, they showed "Blue 
Tattoo" which is a pretty funny video!  Images of individual members were 
super imposed into scenes from the movie. heeheehee :)

going to the other coast... d'arcy and i showed Chris M. a copy of the "East 
Coast Name Game" and he said that Nardwuar asked him those very 
questions.  Now, i don't know if da Murph was hallucinating or what, but 
if that is the case (the same questions, not the hallucinating), i don't 
know if we should be flattered or wonder about plagerism on the 'net...

has anyone who was at the videoshoot been able to get "The Lines You 
Amend" out of his/her head? :)  i think shooting just got insaner and 
insaner as time went on.  Speaking of insane, how about Chris Murphy's 
sunglasses!!!  What a goof! ;) (they were like the bug-ish Bono-type 
shades. i could've sworn i've seen a pic or something with Matt Murphy 
wearing ones like that...)

oh the sweet, sweet irony of being at the BACK of the line, but ending up 
inFRONT of the stage :)

				...sizzle teen

p.s. ohhh, i get it.  Super Friendz are releasing their album in time 
for my birthday, right? [hint hint to anyone and everyone] ;)

p.p.s.  during "underwhelmed" Chris sang:
		"i told her affection had two f's
		 especially when you're doing a zine" :D

carol nishitoba  :)              !  "Those who go to Starbucks go alone"
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca   !    - Matt Murphy to Jason Zumpano, 96/11/9