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cool blue halo show

to actually get a band in antigonish is such a miracle that i feel the
obligation to review each and every show here...

*cool blue halo* came and played at one of our local bars this friday
night as a fundraiser for the radio station.  at about ten pm there were
about ten people there - eeps.  the guys didn't seem too psyched.
eventually they started to play and a bigger crowd started to show up.
in their first set they played all the songs from *kangaroo* plus some new
ones.  it was really good, but they kept asking people to dance and no one

in the second set people started dancing... this seemed to make the band
pretty happy.  they incorporated a *matthew sweet* cover (glenn the
drummer seems to idolize the guy) and some *beatles* tunes (i.e. *i wanna
hold your hand*!!) into their encore!  they played for twenty minutes
longer than they were supposed to!!  it was great!

what a nice bunch of guys...  not enough people showed up for it to be a
decent fundraiser, but it was a lot of fun... :)


			  jacquelyn corbett 
			 tnt house president 
		 690 am cfxu public relations director
			   second year B.A.