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>they played for about 1/2 hour, such goodies as pretty voice, I am the
>cancer, I can feel it, snowsuit sound, Deeper Then Beauty,same old flame,
>underwhelmed,  rasberry (which chris proclaimed a *major* stinker) AC/DC's
>Jailbreak, Led Zep's Dazed And Confused, People Of The Sky, Sugartune, and 

.....there was a song they did inbetween takes, Chris had everyone say, "hey
kids" after he did in the song.  anyone know what it was?  it was very short.  
they also did a Chicago song, i don't know the name, but have heard it
frequently on the oldies station here.......and Jumpin' jack flash also.  

chris stated that they were going to do old songs and ones you might not
hear at a show because since its free, it don't matter if they suck.  like
raspberry, they haven't practiced that one in tooooo long.  when they played
deeper than beauty, all four played in it and to a different beat, way
different than lp version.  it was kinda like sitting in on a jam session,
patrick sitting on the stage, the members talking to each other, mapping out
guitar notes to play.  

when they played i am the cancer, a girl(about 20) came up and sang duet
with chris. i could tell she knew the song very well, but couldn't hear her.
chris gave her a kiss when it was over.  and when they did i can feel it,
chris frequently felt the face of the (14?) girl who stood next to him. and
on sugartune, a very young, "aspiring" drummer played while andrew left.
then he came back, pizza in hand and almost walked back out before the
crowd, what was left of it, yelled for him to stay, another drummer from the
"stands" came up and did a GREAT job of playing People of the sky while
andrew sang, mic in one hand, pizza crust in other.  hopefully my pictures
came out.  last song, "i vowed never to play this in '96", says chris.  they
do underwhelmed, having audience members sing it, chris standing away from
the mic.  the guy who started, started out good.  then another person came
up, but couldn't hear her.  chris finally joined in the end.  i guessed the
song didn't turn out well, which probably was the way chris intended it to
be.  he ended up falling into the seats at the end.  this was a super cool
thing to be apart of, and i was surprised that the band held up through the
tons of takes.  i guess if i had to pretend play to the same song 50 times a
day, i'd get worn out too.  

 the lost blond american kid with the red and white checkered western shirt
that Chris loved.