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Re: merry twistmas & a twisting new year.

On Sun, 1 Dec 1996 moon\!/generation.net wrote:

> hi...
> did everyone listen to real time last night? i can't get that plumtree
> song out of my head....."yeah...we'll be twisting round the christmas
> tree..." yeah....ummm....i was just wondering if there's any way of
> getting a copy of that tape. i MUST hear the thrush hermit and crappo 2
> songs...anyhow, thanx.

the thrush hermit song is...interesting ;)
it's a version of "god rest ye merry gentlemen", and crappo does 
"white christmas".they were playing it at the cinnamon toast reocrds 
christmas party the other night.
it was pretty cool...thrush hermit (without ian) with cliff on banjo, 
joel on a newly acquired pedal-steel, and rob on keys!
matt murphy played, as did al tuck, lukas pierce amd a few others...
the tapes is only going to college radio stsations, as the label isn't 
looking to make money on the tape and are fronting for them anyhow.
try to tape it from your local station if you can...or get them to 
broadcast the whole thing.