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Re: coax me tab

>Why would there be a capo on the fourth fret?  The chords are basically E,
>>G, and A#, aren't they.  Those are just off the top of my head, but I've
>>played along with the record using normal chords without a capo, and it
>>sounded identical.  Plus, neither Jay nor Pat use a capo in the video.
>>Just wondering.
>Actually I'm pretty sure that there is no capo you just play it on the G, B
>and E strings as opposed to the the D, G and B strings.  The B string is
>open practically all the time.  My friend Steven plays it that way and it
>sounds just fine.  The notes on the tab are fine, but I think Jay doesn't
>play it with a capo, though it could possible be easier that way.

Ok, this is why I tabbed it out using a capo at the 4th fret. While I was
figuring it out I came accross this part (at about 1:43 in the song)
                     /     \
|---5---5---5-5---5- -----4- ----------------|
|------------------- -5/9--- --7---9-7-5---5-|
|-4---4---4-----4--- ------- 4---4-------0---|
|------------------- ------- ----------------|
|------------------- ------- ----------------|
|------------------- ------- ----------------|

I was going crazy because I couldn't figure out anything that sounded quite
right, but then I tried the capo and it worked, and the rest of song still
worked too (the open G string is then B), so that's why I did it. Otherwise
you can play the song just fine in standard tuning. I did this before I saw
them live and saw that they weren't using capos, so then of course I was all
confused. I don't know, maybe the recorded version is with a capo, but I
guess the only way to know for sure is to find out from the Sloan boys
themselves. I'd really like to know, but whatever. I guess whichever way you
like best. Anyway, if anyone actually finds out how they did it on the album
make sure they let me know!

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