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Re: La fin du monde

> From:          Gord Dimitrieff <gdimitri\!/chat.carleton.ca>
> Subject:       La fin du monde
> To:            sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com (Sloan Net)
> Date:          Sat, 30 Nov 96 20:25:43 EST

> There's a particularly crazy beer from quebec called La fin du monde. 
> it's tripple fermented and made of corn or wheat or something unusual,
- lees (or lys en francais), I believe.  

> with 9.3% alc/vol...  

- 9 % actually, though apparently it can vary from bottle to 
bottle... it's fun stuff, especially just before hopping onto the 
Metro in MTL.  We have it N.S. and I bought it in Moncton.

would the sfz's album title have come from something
> like this, or do you think it's just a play on the words fin/fan (which
> sound similar, in case you don't speak french)? 

- Only if you're taking French immersion...

 the first person to bring
> this up said that it was called Fan du monde, which makes it seem like
> they're trying to make a joke.... this also reminds me:  i once found a
> magazine from New Brunswick called Vallium.  It was billingual and even
> had a lot of franglais type stuff.. it was absolutely hillarious (stuff
> like: D'abord on est alle a Mr.Sub pour determiner si leur veggie and cheese
> was any good)...

Quoi-ce tu dis?  Tu dis-tu que t'a right aime ca, ou te moques-tu de 
la way qui parlont a Moncton?  (sorry, I couldn't resist...)

On a completely different tip, does anyone know what song Julie 
Doiron sings in French?  I don't think it would be available 
anywhere official, but would anyone have taped it at a show?  I'd 
love to hear it.
> gord

- Andre 

Void is hard thing to forget.
Its emptiness burns too cleanly on your active brainstem.
Like the drowning man who suddenly realizes, 
that oxygen has a taste.