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Re: Murderecords INC.

Damn it I ordered a shirt along with my last order.  Shit.  Hmmm I really
had no problem with Murderecords.  My first order got to me quite
quickly.  I even e-mailed Murderecords and got a reply(it took about two
days), and I got a nice hand written note along with my Cd's(I know, I
know I should of bought "Peppermint" when I lived in Canada but I
didn't). Maybe Murderecords puts US orders first?  Maybe that's due to
the fact about having the shipments go through customs?  I really think
the Murderecords is one of the best damn labels in the "industry".  I was
told that the people at Murderecords that take care of the stuff hired
some kids to do the mailing stuff.  I was also told that the guys(I am
not talking about the Sloan boys but the guys they got to do the stuff)
get busy making videos, going to the picture show, coffee and the other
assorted stuff that I would also do if I was a Murderite.  Maybe they are
just adjusting to getting so big so fast in such a little amount of time.
 I will always order my records straight from the horses mouth.  Even
though I enjoy going to Waterloo and having them special order stuff for
me(But they have no hook for Murderecords) I will always and forever mail
order form Halifax.  But maybe we should give them a little time to
adjust?  That could be all that needs to be done.

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On Tue, 26 Nov 1996 20:56:58 EST twiceremoved\!/juno.com writes:
>This might clear some things up, might not......i was wondering, too, 
>where my order was because it's been a while and i ordered a ton of 
>stuff.  so i got on the phone to the halifax operator and got 
>murderecord's # and called them. i talked to a girl named michael who 
>told me that, supposedly, the reason it is taking soooooo dam long for 
>all the orders to be shipped out is they are completely out of shirts. 
>so any order that involved clothing in any way, shape, or form won't 
>be mailed out until the shipment of shirts arrives.  which, she told 
>me, will be sometime this week.  uh huh.  thats it. bye!