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La fin du monde

okay, i meant to send my last post to the list, but it accidentally got
fired off privately to somebody (i forget who actually wrote the post i
was replaying to).  anyway, i'll sort of duplicate it here again :).

There's a particularly crazy beer from quebec called La fin du monde. 
it's tripple fermented and made of corn or wheat or something unusual,
with 9.3% alc/vol...  would the sfz's album title have come from something
like this, or do you think it's just a play on the words fin/fan (which
sound similar, in case you don't speak french)?  the first person to bring
this up said that it was called Fan du monde, which makes it seem like
they're trying to make a joke.... this also reminds me:  i once found a
magazine from New Brunswick called Vallium.  It was billingual and even
had a lot of franglais type stuff.. it was absolutely hillarious (stuff
like: D'abord on est alle a Mr.Sub pour determiner si leur veggie and cheese
was any good)...

also, does anybody know where i can still get the sfz 10"?  they were sold
out of the ones that they had with them when they came through ottawa. 
does murder still have them?