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Re: SFZ's Eric

Eric has his own label and is just about to release a band called the 
Pushkings... who played at the Halifax On Music.. and were on Real Time
Eric is a fantastic person, with great taste and ideas... he is presently 
working on the new Damnbuilders album... he also produced about 1/3 of 
the last Sebadoh record.

Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Adrian John Bos wrote:

> On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Melissa Buote wrote:
> > I normally wouldn't throw in one or even two cents to this sort of 
> > thing, but since the only other thing being talked about is Sloan's 
> > video shoot... the SFz album is called "Fin Du Monde", release 
> > tentatively in Feb, 14 songs, produced by Eric Masunaga (hey, we've 
> > been hearing a lot about this guy lately...
> I know this has no east coast content, but Eric Masunaga is such a cool 
> musician, etc.  Anyone interested should really check out the Dambuilders 
> (his band).  Really excellent stuff.  
> Adrian
> P.S.  Does anyone have any info about the new snailhouse, the new eric's 
> trip rarities album, or any upcoming et related (broken girl, etc) 
> albums?  Much thanks for any info.
> Oh yah. If (I'm sorry, I forget your name) the squirtgun owner?  is 
> reading this, could you write back and tell me if the hardship post seven 
> inch is still available?  It would make a good christmas present. 
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> Adrian John Bos

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