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On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Melissa Buote wrote:

> I normally wouldn't throw in one or even two cents to this sort of 
> thing, but since the only other thing being talked about is Sloan's 
> video shoot... the SFz album is called "Fin Du Monde", release 
> tentatively in Feb, 14 songs, produced by Eric Masunaga (hey, we've 
> been hearing a lot about this guy lately...

I know this has no east coast content, but Eric Masunaga is such a cool 
musician, etc.  Anyone interested should really check out the Dambuilders 
(his band).  Really excellent stuff.  


P.S.  Does anyone have any info about the new snailhouse, the new eric's 
trip rarities album, or any upcoming et related (broken girl, etc) 
albums?  Much thanks for any info.
Oh yah. If (I'm sorry, I forget your name) the squirtgun owner?  is 
reading this, could you write back and tell me if the hardship post seven 
inch is still available?  It would make a good christmas present. 

Adrian John Bos