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Re: Indie Rock on C.B.?

I managed to catch the first part of the Q release show, and I must say that
I was darn impressed....the director of said video, managed to set up quite
the multimedia event...there were several tv screens on the stage and one
super huge (well, not exactly Sony Jumbotron, but you get the picture)
screen at the back.  All throughout the show different images of A Clockwork
Orange, Raging Bull, and other flicks were tossed into the mix...very
interesting stuff.

St Alister's Temptation should really begin to make some waves soon...beware
of the Season of the Crow.  Could this be CB's first concept album?

>Not sure how to describe their sound beside distorted rock(any Capers wanna
help me here?)

How about psychodelic electro mangled guitar driven pop?

> MASTADON RIDGE!!!!! These guys are amazing!

I cannot agree with you more Alf...I cannot wait for the 7 inch to hit the
I think people will be pleasantly surprised...

I didn't get to see Q or the video, but I heard the show was a success.
Good news, from this side of the causeway!
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