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Les F. wrote: 

> Alt.music.white-power <b>and</b> alt.politics.white-power are both alive
> and kicking. 
> Democracy has spoken. I hope you like what it said.

I'm not sure how it works, but the process for creating alt.* groups
is not the same as creating other groups. That's why there are thousands
of them like alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork or alt.finals.suicide. They 
aren't voted on - I think that they are just carried at the local news 
admin's discretion.

EC content....hmmm....I saw the Van Halen cover band at the Oasis and they
rocked. (Do I have go to such extrems to hear a guitar solo in Halifax?)
Real EC content....anybody know when and where the Birdland is moving? Is
it still the studio space?

Oh - and to my ears, Rome Plows don't sound much like Rebecca West - at 
least live. Less bass noodling, more slick drumming, more interesting
guitar playing. Entirely difernet feel.