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Re: Sloan's words

>>I realize this is almost pointless to argue about, and I apologize, but 
>>can someone who knows **for sure** step in here & tell me who's right? 
>>I'm pretty sure that it's "and I think Consolidated's ok", but just to 
>>end this.  Someone mentioned about the Superfriendz release date, 
>>does anyone know?  I recently bought the New Grand CD and I was really 
>>impressed, are they touring anytime soon (out east)? And do they have a 
>>video out? 
>I have a grand idea, why doesn't someone who owns the 12" for this record
>simply look it up, and end this, pleaaaaaase!

        Okay, this is the stupidest argument i've seen on here yet (nope,
the "is sloan gay?" one was stupider) but i've consulted the official lyric
sheet available in the 12" version of  twice removed and the lyric is "can".