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Re: Sloan's words

> >Actually, you're not right... the line *is* "And I think
> >Consolidated's
> >ok/It's not the band I hate, it's their fans".
> Sorry if this has been addressed already, but the line
> is "Can I think Consolidated's OK."  I'm not sure
> if someone is reading lyrics from some outside source
> or not, but in the song, Chris definitely says "..can".

> Just to clarify.

I realize this is almost pointless to argue about, and I apologize, but 
can someone who knows **for sure** step in here & tell me who's right? 
I'm pretty sure that it's "and I think Consolidated's ok", but just to 
end this.  Someone mentioned about the Superfriendz release date, 
does anyone know?  I recently bought the New Grand CD and I was really 
impressed, are they touring anytime soon (out east)? And do they have a 
video out? 


ps. Tara Lee Wittchen, if you're reading this, please email me!